I&I Location Services

Locate I&I within a few hundred feet. Guaranteed Results!

I&I Locating Services using the iTracker®

iTracking is the latest in I&I locating technology. Deployed as a network of sensors, iTrackers can monitor hundreds of manholes simultaneously and detect any change to flow caused by infiltration or inflow. After only 1-2 weather events, you can know exactly where your I&I at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

RH Borden locates I&I with Major and Target Basin assessment:
Major Basin Assessment:
  • During a Major Basin Assessment, an iTracker is placed at the downstream manhole of each major basin in the study. As wet weather occurs, the iTracker can immediately identify which major basin is the primary contributor to the overall I&I in the system.
Target Basin Assessment:
  • In Target Basin Asessments, iTracker sensors are strategically placed throughout the entire basin creating an intelligent series of independent micro-basins every . With iTracking’s patented ability to isolate flows, the I&I is quickly detected…many times after just a single rain event.

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